"CHII & TAKU" <English Version>

Fostering welfare reading material for children

The Hokkaido Government has been enforcing " the regulations for creating Hokkaido as a welfare state" since April 1998. It intends to promote the idea that anybody with or without a disability, both young and old, can live in his or her hometown feeling secure.
In order to do that, the government published a book called "CHII & TAKU" in December of 1998 for young children, who will be the foundation of the coming age, to deepen their understanding of the "welfare state." Copies are being distributed at elementary schools.
The English version was created with the hope that it can be read not only by English speaking people in Hokkaido but also by English learners. The book will certainly be a help in expanding readers' understanding of Hokkaido's well-being.
We are grateful to NPO / NGO Citizens' Education Exchange Society who translated the book into English on a voluntary basis. The society's activities are in the field of International Communication as well as welfare.
We would especially like to express our gratitude to the people who helped in the actual translation work.
They are Shizuko Hayata, Kojiro Fukushima and Don Fraser.


English "CHII & TAKU Let's make a town where we can all live happily"

Due to existing difficulties in making use of this book as it is by the visually impaired and others, making an audio book, a magnified book, and a electronic book is permitted upon request to the publisher, except for the purpose of making a profit.
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